Minnehaha spirits – Day 91 of 365


April, Daily Videos


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  • Donna Dacy 4 months ago

    Lovely view of the falls and the sound of the water is so relaxing. Wonderful video.

  • Merlin 4 months ago

    What is it about the sound of water that refreshes the soul? It’s all good. For your eye for beauty and your efforts and generous sharing and for all the comments, thank you from the center of my soul.

  • Barb carlson 4 months ago

    Love the sound. Thank you.

  • becky 4 months ago

    Lovely view of water & ice – - very nice!

  • Why does the date April 1, 2017 show up on the video when it is April 1,2019. This has been happening on each video for the last few days. Thank you!

    • Lisa S 4 months ago

      These videos have been recycled for the past 2 years. Fortunately, it is always a joy to see them again, year after year.

  • NJ Ceryes 1 year ago

    I cannot tell you how much these short videos mean to me. They start my day off right by allowing me to center on the beauty of nature. When I do that, I feel so grateful for being alive, it makes me want to go out and really live on the planet, help others, strive to be a good person. All that from a 1-2 min video…I find it incredible every day after watching. Thank you so much!!

  • Reesa Rosen

    Breath-taking beauty. Thank you.

  • Linda A Mallery

    Really lovely. Right up to the very piercing tone. Painful with hearing aids. Guess I have to go back to watching it on mute. Too bad. Loved the water sounds.

  • Dianne Leider 1 year ago

    Hey, this is my Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis!
    I’ve visited it in all Weather for 65 years.
    Magical, mystical place.
    So good to see an old friend on national/international site!! Thanks!

  • Cheryl 1 year ago

    Just beautiful for Easter. Christ is Risen Indeed. Happy Easter to all today.

  • Carol 1 year ago

    Love it but please no more high pitched screeching tones. Please.
    Thank you

  • Louise Viscel Mercurio

    I could listen to the sound of rushing water all day. ❤️

  • 2 years ago


  • christy bailly 2 years ago

    Fantastic. Thank you!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Love this!

  • Cheryl 2 years ago

    Very Relaxing video. Thank you.

  • Water…the giver of life and the healer of all….

  • The sound of running water is so relaxing. These nature clips are my moment of Zen each morning.

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