Northern Cardinal – Day 106 of 366

Images and sounds from the big woods of Minnesota by Jim Brandenburg. This video is published for the first time as it is part of the collection we are getting ready for next year, together with Jim Brandenburg and other talented filmmakers worldwide. Keep watching Nature 365!

Laurent Joffrion
Producer – Editor


April, Daily Videos


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  • Bonnie 7 months ago

    That’s so relaxing. I wanted it to go on for 5 minutes. Just what we need now!

  • Linda 7 months ago

    Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. We live in Idaho now and there are none. But I enjoy them when we visit family in North Carolina. Loved the video.

  • Christy BAILLY 7 months ago

    Sweet sound. Love cardinals.

  • Norman Criswick

    Ok when do I get my gold disc, for hitting them high notes.

  • Joe Rowe 7 months ago

    “A visitor from Heaven”

  • Merlin 7 months ago

    Still and always a treat to see the cardinal, whether in the red/white/green scene of a winter sighting in a fir tree, to hearing the wolf-whistle call during the warmer months. Thank you the thousandth time.

  • Ahhhh, lovely! Reminds me of the birds at my parents’ feeder in south Jersey. Nothing like a cardinal to herald Spring! Thank you for the song & the memory.

  • Judy Anfang

    One of my most favorite birds! As an early riser, I listen for them every morning, and they are my first sign of spring heading our way! ❤️

  • Marilyn Heuser

    We don’t see cardinals here in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you, Jim Brandenburg, for the sights snd sounds of the cardinal!

  • Cheryl 7 months ago

    I love cardinal birds. Thank for sharing. Stay healthy all.

  • Greta 7 months ago

    One of my favorite birds, but where I live we hardly ever have them as visitors. This winter I had a female cardinal but never saw the male. This gives me hope. Love their sound. Thank you.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Thanks for the preview… the Cardinal & the Canada Geese

  • Mary Estlick 7 months ago

    Thank you, Jim!
    What a wonderful way to start the day! ❤️

  • Barb carlson 7 months ago

    One of my favorite birds. Telling us all is well. Thank you.

  • Donna De For

    One of my favorite birds.

  • Mary Stellick

    For me, one of the earliest signs of spring is when we hear the cardinals start singing “birdy birdy birdy.”

  • Wayne Loveland 7 months ago

    I look forward to this mini every day. How can my son begin to receive this as well?

  • Marlene Platcek

    Beautiful bird, love the sing

  • Joan Whaley Altenbernd

    Craig Whaley, John Whaley, Linda M. Johnson, Ryan Hedin. This is a great page to follow, daily posts..Jim B is a MN photographer well known and respected throughout the world, enjoy

  • Kevin Malmquist

    What kind of wood pecker is that? Asking for a friend in Grand Rapids Minnesota.

    • Sallie Mills

      Kevin Malmquist , I don’t see a woodpecker in the photo. That’s a beautiful Northern Cardinal!

    • Kevin Malmquist

      Sallie Mills oh. We don’t have them this far north. Yes I see that you are right. I’ll tell my friend. Thank you. Isn’t that Jim Brandenburg just the best. Thank you.

    • Sallie Mills

      Kevin Malmquist , I agree about Mr. Brandenburg. We moved up here from northern Illinois 19 years ago where we had cardinals in our yard all year long. I miss them so much. I discovered something this morning – if you tap on the photo, a video will come up and you’ll be able to hear the cardinal’s beautiful song.

    • Kevin Malmquist

      Sallie Mills thank you. I grew up in SW Minnesota and Mr Brandenburg photographed red foxes on Buffalo Ridge when I was a kid. Lots of great memories.

    • Sallie Mills

      Kevin Malmquist , his work is truly beautiful.

    • Kevin Malmquist

      Sallie Mills ask him. I’m sure it comes from the heart. A love of nature.

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