Bison rubbing stone – Day 109 of 365


April, Daily Videos

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  • Layne Kennedy

    Jim Brandenburg, I’ve stumbled across old fence posts in South Dakota polished by bison to the point of being prairie sculptures. Nice vid Amigo.

  • Merlin 7 months ago

    Light and heavy, unusual and mystical…thank you.

  • Scott Sebastian 7 months ago

    Perfect music to go with the video. If you don’t like the sounds turn it off. It’s the artist choice to do what he wants to his video.

    • Right, because when I go walking in the woods or hiking in the mountains, I want to have ear plugs in so I hear nothing. These are “nature” videos, my friend, and people are expressing their understandable opinion that they’d prefer natural sounds only. If this series were entitled “Brandenburg’s Jazzy Nature”, or something similar, maybe the reaction to added sounds would be different.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    That was mystical!

  • Barb carlson 7 months ago

    Listen to the wind and be thankful.

  • Michael D. Pruden

    That was weird – but just the right amount of weird. I liked it.

    • mitch williams 7 months ago

      Awesome video and perfect sounds ,who knows what bison hears ? Imaginative sounds……..!

  • irene rhein 1 year ago

    I keep the sound off at all times….. great scenery even this is all last years video’s…i wonder what has happened to Jim Brandenburg ? @irene.

  • dagmar romano 1 year ago

    Great pity, in my view, to keep mucking up these wonderful natural scenes with man made sounds – happens over and over…..

  • John Kennedy

    Great, timely angle to catch the glare on an overcast day….

  • Luellen 2 years ago

    Is the boulder in that Blue Mounds area in southern Minnesota?

  • 2 years ago


  • Sharon 2 years ago

    Truly didn’t care for the sound effects, but I loved the clouds.

  • Thank you! Are you visiting the old area?? I need to get to the mounds. You should see the hawks and eagles by the quarry lol. Majestic as well.

  • Donna Dacy 2 years ago

    Beautiful stone … love the clouds with the wind blowing. Not too sure what those strange horn sounds were but I think they ruined the mood of a perfectly gorgeous video.

  • WOW! Thanks for the spin!…

  • Location of this boulder?

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