The conversation of death – Day 99 of 365


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  • Carole Ann Knapp Jennings

    A mystery to me why the deer ran AT the wolf, rather than away!. I also am glad the tree was there.

  • Ruth Konetshny

    Life is not easy for deer or wolf. Filed nicely.

  • Joshua Goodin

    I don’t get to watch this happening on my rambles. I just find the leftovers.

  • Sharon Sutliff Goodin

    Wish I hadn’t watched it, but that’s the cycle of life.

  • Kathy 8 months ago

    At first I thought the deer would be safe by becoming quiet and still. The moment it bounded away, the wolf found opportunity to close the distance. I was disturbed at first, but then realized that this is the way of nature to provide prey for the predator. I wish the deer had waited a bit longer before it started to “escape.” Maybe there would be a great distance between them and it would have been free.

  • carol 8 months ago

    Hard to watch perhaps, but have you imagined a slaughterhouse and thought about what the animals endure before they end up there? Our fellow predators dispatch their prey quickly, without imprisonment and long-term suffering. As the wise old Jim Harrison said, “Let the predator love his prey.”

  • Bette Tucker

    It’s a hard life for our wild life. Reality.

  • 8 months ago


  • Merln 8 months ago

    For those who think, life is a comedy. For those who feel, life is a tragedy.

  • Sharon Mick McAuley 8 months ago

    Two parts of the conversation of death: grief and gratitude. I feel grief watching this, but also a heightened gratitude for the sustenance I have today, and for all those who did the hard work of providing it for me.

  • LInda 8 months ago

    Nature is mostly beautiful–but when it’s not, it’s cruel. The doe ran toward the wolf, suggesting to me that she was unlikely to survive long otherwise. Unlike humans, animals seem to kill mostly because they need the food to survive. I can tolerate that.

  • KATHY MCKNIGHT 8 months ago

    Awesome “Nature, red in tooth and claw.”

  • Susan DeLegge

    Thank you. I am also glad the tree was there.

  • Char Lewchak

    Mother Nature has some pretty hard conversations. Glad it was edited by the tree.

  • Donna Dacy 8 months ago

    I know this is nature but please don’t show this type thing. It breaks my heart. Now my day has started off on a bad note and I start it with tears.

  • Barbara Murray

    Death feeding life

  • Marby Rufsvold

    Beautifully and sensitively filmed.
    It’s still as raw to witness as the first time I saw this…and understanding doesn’t make it any easier a grief to bear.

  • Barbara Lemmon 8 months ago

    I really appreciate seeing the plants and animals and wonderful lighting of your daily videos. I DO NOT enjoy watching death happen. I know it does, I know it is the cycle of nature and happens. I do not need to watch it happen. I hoped your site would be a calming start to the day in these tumultuous times.

  • Kathryn 8 months ago

    Oh my! Sort of interesting breakfast watch…. Alas, this is nature.

  • Jill Hagstrom Yankee

    Jim must be on vacation? Running older ones for a few days.

  • Natasha Osborn 8 months ago

    The wolf did that doe a favor. She was weak and she knew it was time. Her eyes and lackluster escape attempt showed how weak she was. Amazing to have captured it on film.

  • Jackie M. 8 months ago

    Amazing how one lone wolf brought down that deer; hopefully without getting injured. One deer, many dinners for the wolf.. Many meals for many species right down to the tiny spiders and bugs. Unlike Man, Nature is never wasteful.

  • Annette 8 months ago

    Thanks for the head’s up….can’t watch…

  • Theresa Zaydel

    nature in balance within the cycle of life. thanks for the caution.

  • Debbie Mauthe

    All animals need to eat, but I’m glad the tree was there!

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