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  • Anka Weller

    Atemberaubend !

  • Anka Weller

    Atemberaubend !

  • christy bailly 3 weeks ago

    I agree with all the comments. The wolves are my favorite too, but I love all the videos and hope they continue.

  • Susan Fairweather 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Do they spread themselves out so that if a predator appears, one is targeted and the rest have a chance of escape, I wonder?

  • Wendy Louise Feiereisen

    I love how they are lined up in a row.

  • Wendy Louise Feiereisen

    I love how they are lined up in a row.

  • Suzanne 3 weeks ago

    They are equal distances apart. Intersting.

  • Luellen 3 weeks ago

    In response to Martha’s post, I think that they are comfortable out in the open because they are the top of the food chain, unless people are around.

  • Sandra Bergquist

    I read they bury their nose in snow to disguise their breath when they are trying to ambush prey.

  • Laura Brown 3 weeks ago

    The wolves are my favorite, and this is one of the very best. Thank you!

  • Barbara Murray

    Yes, they deserve rest and peace

  • How wonderful they are. Love the spacing between each other. Just love the wolf. Thanks

  • So sad the year of these lovely videos is coming to an end. Thank you Jim. I hope you will cycle them again in 2017. I never get tired of them. And I must echo the comments on others about how sad it is that the wolves are gone. I keep hoping they will return someday.

    • Sidney 4 weeks ago

      No reason for me to repeat what you just wrote Meredith – I feel exactly the same way. Thank you Jim for last year, this year, and hopefully next year. I am watching some eagle cams today and the storms up that way look terrible – would have been hard times for the wolves but they would have made it through – if it hadn’t been for human interference.

  • Kathy 4 weeks ago

    Looks like an inspection of the correct distance between each wolf is going on. They are a group that seem to be united in purpose to help each other out.

  • Debra Buhr

    Dog pose, er I mean Wolf pose.

  • Marcia 4 weeks ago

    Wonderful, I can’t get enough of these wolf videos.
    Unfortunately they aren’t there anymore, but I love to see them again, and again. Thank you.

  • Jon Wegznek 4 weeks ago

    I love these guys, its so sad knowing that they are gone.

  • Tiffany Elliott

    So peaceful! Thanks for sharing. Jim and Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Gayle S Davis

    Funny! What makes them space themselves so?

  • Susan DeLegge

    I wonder what keeps their mind occupied as they are resting or lounging about.

  • Gary Broughton

    Together but separate.

  • Sally Davis

    Interesting spacing, almost equal distance apart.

  • Sally Davis

    Interesting spacing, almost equal distance apart.

  • Bonnie Asher

    The spacing of them is neat…..

  • Love this one, so peaceful! I see one wolf was collared.

  • Martha 1 year ago

    Does one of the wolves have a tracking collar? And why do they all lie out there in the open instead of under cover?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    This made me smile

  • Thank you for bringing the wolves back to us through your eyes. I hope it has been a healing experience for you knowing of your heartache and loss of a special friend. You’ve been an inspiration and a comfort in this battle up north- bless you, your family, and your “other” family. Hope to meet you again one day- you and Jane together. Bucket list! Am watching Medicine Of The Wolf next week. Thank you Jim!

  • Catherine S. 1 year ago

    Peace and godspeed, wolves.

  • nancy 1 year ago

    Awesome!! if we all could relax when needed it would be a more peaceful world! <3

  • Joan Baumber 1 year ago

    Wolves have been my spirit animal since I was five. Long story but not for now. I have met them out riding and we checked each other out before going our separate ways. Lovely to see a video with the wolf undisturbed. How about the reciprocal careful sniff check between the two? Kinda nice!

  • Funny how all the wolves, including the last to lay down, space themselves almost evenly. The videos of wolves are my favorite too!

  • This is what my three dogs do too!!

  • So, how is everyone today? Fine, fine I see.

  • Kathy 1 year ago

    Every one needs their personal space in order to rest and relax. It’s no different from these wolves who are finding the space they need to renew and restore their energy. Great message contained in this clip.

  • mandy 1 year ago

    “Thank you” isn’t sufficient, but thank you deeply.
    They kind and cooperative and playful way they live inspires us all.

  • I’m trying to get as many people to see this as possible. We need all the help we can get.
    please read and even share my go fund me ad for an electric wheelchair so that i can get to work and be able to help my husband to support us and to keep the house.
    Thank you and God Bless

  • Very interesting.

  • Shan Smilanich 1 year ago


  • Mme Caroline 1 year ago

    Just a comment.
    I notice that 2 (at least) of them have GPS necklace.

  • So cool! All the videos are excellent, but I especially like the ones with wolves in them! Thank you for sharing these.

  • Didier Masson 1 year ago

    Merci, merci Jim et bonne année 2016.Tes vidéos vont nous manquer. Elles sont si poétiques, si dépaysantes, si belles. Ces minutes de magie quotidiennes nous ont adouci 2015. À bientôt.

  • Sandra Polizzi 1 year ago

    Just love seeing those magnificent animals. Interesting to see that they are almost evenly spaced while resting!

  • Ruth Miller 1 year ago

    Wondering…is that wolf walking the alph female? She reminds me of my bitch when she was pregnant.

  • portelli 1 year ago

    bien gentille et calme la meute aujourd’hui<<<<<<<

  • Interesting- almost like watch commander checking the troops before settling in

  • Belle Famille ! J’adore !

  • Kiki Sonnen 1 year ago

    Very symmetrical!

  • Jacqueline Fiedler 1 year ago

    Perfectly captures this day of calm and rest. Except for the after-Christmas shoppers. :)

  • As in the beginning, so in the end.

  • How fascinating the way that they space themselves out! :)

  • Marvelous movie again and Wolf’s act just like our dog, so nice, quiet and relaxt.
    Nature can learn us a lot in many ways.

    Only 5 days to go with your movies and in this year. Happy New Year to all of you!!!
    From the Netherlands Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

  • J’adooooore !

  • Catherine 1 year ago

    so that’s how it’s done… marvelous

  • My cat is sitting on my lap, and as I watched this, he was very intersted in the close ups of the single wolf. His attention wandered a bit on the long shots, but I just tapped the side of my phone when it went back to a close shot and his ears perked up and his whiskers moved forward, like he was thinking of attacking the screen! And this was without sound as I’m very hearing impaired and don’t have my hearing aids in yet and sound would just wake up my hubby.

  • Margaret Mazzaferro 1 year ago

    Peace on Earth! Thanks for this wonderful clip. Such a joy each morning to see a little of what you have captured on video.

  • Interesting lineup

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