Mississippi – Day 51 of 365

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago


  • Padre Juan

    Awesome. We will soon hhave the Tundra Swans land in our pastures on their way back home

  • Kathy 1 month ago

    Beautiful swans and so graceful in flight! Love their precision in landing in the water as well.

  • Reesa Rosen

    Have no idea what all the birds are talking about, but it sure caught my dogs’ attention. :) Thanks for the beautiful clip.

  • Sharon McAuley 1 month ago

    My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and I followed the flight of 4 swans over Watkins Lake in Waterford, Michigan, this afternoon. Their synchronized movement and white brightness stood out against the browns of winter. Stunning!

  • Kitty Merrill 1 month ago

    Seeing this beautiful, strong, grace amazes me. I have also seen them in the MN River valley wetlands lately.

  • hartykc 1 month ago


  • Gwen Harvey

    Jim Brandenburg love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Burnett 1 month ago

    common goldeneye plus one (not sure what the different bird is—a diving bird, of course. Grebe?
    the big boys are trumpeters.

  • I love the way the swans lower their landing gear so smoothly!

  • Kathryn 1 month ago

    These swans are so graceful. Just this week I have seen them flying over head….must mean spring is coming!

  • Jissée 1 month ago

    Snow geese ?

  • Donna Dacy 1 month ago

    You have to love the swans…the trumpet and then a perfectly graceful landing..gliding to a soft touchdown. And those little ducks bobbing for food. Was wondering what kind of ducks they are.

    • Eileen Connor 1 month ago

      Donna, I’m no expert but I think those ducks are known as “Common Goldeneye”. Here is a great website for bird identification: it gives you audio for their calls, lots of photos and similar species.

  • Holly Long-Atkinson

    Trumpeter swans return. How amazing.

  • Dan Churchill

    Amazing and beautiful creatures! How about those perfect landings on the water!!

  • Blake Stillwell

    A few flocks of swans and countless geese, heading north over New Ulm Minnesota, Feb 18th. Very few small pockets of open water to be found nearby.

  • Bonnie Asher

    Oh! Truly amazing grace, beautiful!

  • lael Bradshaw 1 month ago

    thank you

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