Lune élusive – Day 10 of 365


Daily Videos, January


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  • christy bailly 10 months ago

    Beautifully eerie.

  • Sue Makela


  • Merlin 10 months ago

    Calico cat colored moon…

  • lunar loveliness

  • Adrienne 1 year ago

    Eerily beautiful. I always try to imagine what the ancients thought when they saw something like this. Thank you.

  • Alicia Klett

    Hello mr. Brandenburg I’m 14 Years old and obsessed with your work. My grandpa owns a cabin up north in Mcgregger Minnesota. I’ve never photographed up there because my parents and I moved to Arizona. I get my drive for photography from northern Minnesota and I can’t really do that while living down here. This summer I’m going back home to visit. And I would love to photograph up there but I’ve never really taken nature pictures before and I don’t really know were to start. But when I see your photos I begin to kinda find my way and not get scared of the outcome. I just want to say thank you for all your beautiful work it drives me everyday to never give up my passion.

  • Janet 1 year ago

    Breath taking! Thanks so much!

  • Donna Dacy 1 year ago

    Looks like a Halloween moon. So eerie but beautiful and mysterious.

  • Merlin 1 year ago

    You have such an eye for beauty and mystery, whether it’s got four legs or wings or pine needles or appears in the sky. Thank you for saying it, capturing it, and sharing it. You brighten the day.

  • Susan DeLegge

    Thank you for sharing your work and refined skills with me and others.

  • Lael 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • Lynn 1 year ago

    Wonderful :)

  • Francis Gendron

    Looks like Jupiter! :)

  • Serina McClellan

    Magical! Just so beautiful!

  • Love the way the pic fades out at the end .. beautiful clip. Thanks.

  • Love the way the pic fades out at the end .. beautiful clip. Thanks.

  • portelli 2 years ago


  • Yvonne Z 2 years ago

    Beautiful videography!

  • Donna Dacy 2 years ago

    WOW! This was amazing. The moon hiding behind the clouds and peeking through is gorgeous. TFS

  • Suzanne 2 years ago

    Mystery ~

  • Jill jahns 2 years ago

    Please don’t publish my name. I am very disappointed with this new year’s approach to your wonderful videos of the past. I feel like you’re taking snippets of old material and attaching it to inappropriate electronic sounds in an attempt to be “arty”. This is not what the videos did well in the past. The wolf silhouette yesterday and moon today are not matching the actual phase of the moon and–for the first time–just boring.

    • Kay Snowfleet 1 year ago

      I sill watch, but with the sound turned off — I miss the wonderful nature sounds, but the non-nature sounds totally ruin the mood. Apparently most are not bothered by it though. Repeating past images does not bother me — it’s a lot to expect constant new material.

  • Your videos are always so peaceful. It is a nice way to start the day. Thank you.

  • Hasel Robert 2 years ago

    When you changed format for viewing, there is a lot of trouble with pixillation and green screen every day.

  • Hauntingly beautiful!

  • Really beautiful- thank you

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