Reunion – Day 25 of 365


Daily Videos, January


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  • portelli 9 months ago

    belle vidéo…..merci

  • Sherri Moore

    Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty. I look forward to your posts!

  • Thank you for giving us a chance to be part of their lives. I know how much they mean to you and I am always happy and sad while watching.

  • Marby Rufsvold

    We must never allow them to become threatened or endangered again…and it’s up to us to assure that.

  • Maureen Black 9 months ago

    Such a thrill to experience a reunion of a pack and their interactions with one another. I pray they are all together to this day as humans as usual ripped them apart. Capturing these moments is priceless and its a shame humans to some degree do not agree. Wolves should always be respected for their intelligence and knowledge as keepers of the forest as they too are sentient beings. Your lens always proves how special they truly are.

  • Donna Dacy 9 months ago

    Great video of a wolf greeting. Let’s hope that we will continue to enjoy these great creatures and not have them taken from us. Gorgeous animals.

  • Claire Bell

    2 letters could learn so much from wolves if they weren’t so threatened.

  • Vicki Ellman

    We Love Wolves to the moon and back

  • Collette L. Adkins

    Your videos are a source of peace during these horrifying times. Many thanks to you!

  • KATI GUERRA 9 months ago

    These amazingly beautiful visual haikus of wolves seem especially poignant to me today because I just learned that the US House and Senate are poised to pass the War on Wolves Act to exterminate wolves from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Idaho. In other words, all wolves from the continental United States. I am greatly disturbed and grief-stricken. Thank you for these beautiful memories. Kati Guerra

  • Suzanne 9 months ago

    The affinity between them is enough to ignore the food. They are delighted to see one another.
    I’m always sad when I see a lone wolf.

  • Cathy Cleland

    The book “The Pipestone Wolves” gives a great account of the family structure of wolves.

  • Anna Garcia

    It’s so neat to see their interaction, just like a human family.

    • Debra Buhr

      From what I see of human vs wolf interaction, human has a lot to learn. We will be very lucky if we get the time to ever be as noble as the wolf! Human is the infant on the evolutionary scale and the monster in the woods.

    • Anna Garcia

      We do have a lot to learn from them. It always amazes me how they are called wild and savage animals, when a humans actions are truly savage.

  • Char Lewchak

    When one witnesses the social structure of a pack it’s hard to imagine why man wants to continue with the killing. It’s obvious that they feel joy when they are reunited with one another. Is man threatened because socially they are a lot, if not,smarter than him? Ego will not allow that.

  • Ester Curini

    What a powerful video, thank you! <3

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