American Avocet – Day 210 of 365


Daily Videos, July

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  • Marie Anne Claudel

    J’ai découvert vos si belles photographies dans les Vosges “Sentiers de la photo”…Un moment de bonheur !!!!

  • Marie Anne Claudel

    J’ai découvert vos si belles photographies dans les Vosges “Sentiers de la photo”…Un moment de bonheur !!!!

  • Donna Dacy 4 months ago

    Such a sweet and beautiful bird. Lot it’s call. Thanks for sharing so many different species of nature with us. I have seen so many here that I probably would not have see if it were’t for your videos.

  • Gail Holinka 4 months ago

    Hi Jim,
    I hope your summer is going well. Your work continues to inspire me. I was thrilled to have the chance to take my students to see your work, when you presented with Noah Hain in “My Backyard”. It was awesome and I think we need to do it again! ;)
    Let me know if you plan to be back in the area. We would love to have you visit our class, or get out to Touch the Sky Prairie with you to take some photos. I take my class to your see your gallery every Spring and they love it!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
    Take Care!

  • Marie-Louise Palm Shank

    Happy Birthday Jennifer Schroeder! enjoy the days after too ! ( sorry I’m late)

  • Marla Andersen

    Was this taken in Minn? If so, where please???

  • Marla Andersen

    One of my very favorite shorebirds. Hard to pick just one, but these are way up at the top of the list.

  • Thank you

  • Diane Arends

    Oh my wow…beautiful bird

  • Une pure petite merveille de la nature <3 merci

  • Debra Buhr

    One of my all time favorite birds. None in my neck of the woods though. Thanks for the peek Jim. ♡

  • Cathy Cleland

    I too, have never seen one of these handsome birds before. Love the beak!

  • Renee Weiser Reilly

    Nature is truly amazing! I do not think I ever saw one of these in the Northwoods also. The beak curves upward. Seems the beak is shaped to skim the insects off the top of the water. Love!

  • Peggy Riedel

    I have never seen one of those before. Thank you.

  • Joan Whaley Altenbernd

    Sounds of summer by the water, lovely. Could even hear a rooster pheasant in the background

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