Pronghorns – Day 211 of 365

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  • Shelley Southcott

    Gorgeous. Kind of our version of the Serengeti.

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Love the prog horns, and hearing the sounds of the crickets and meadow larks. The man-made music detracts from the viewing experience.

  • Becky 4 months ago

    You always have the most appropriate music or sounds with your videos – - just awesome. You are an artist.

  • Lael 1 year ago

    thank you

  • They’re beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing the clip. :)

  • These are such beautiful animals. I would be in Casper, WY, and headed for Boise, ID. Leavng the motel, in Casper. there would almost always be a small group of them grazing in the surrounding yard. Then I would take US Hwy 20 west across Wyoming. For about the first 100 miles the hills were dotted with Pronghorns.

  • Donna Dacy 1 year ago

    Nice video. Remember seeing them in South Dakota when I was there.

  • You See beauty in everything…has helped me

  • dagmar romano 1 year ago

    I agree about preferring to hear only the sounds of nature. You don’t need the man-made music – and for me, it spoils the feeling of nature in these lovely scenes from nature.. I’ve made this comment before – and I keep feeling disturbed by the, for me, out-of-place music.

    • Maureen Black 1 year ago

      Dagmar Romano: I’ve noticed other comments to this affect concerning nature or man made sounds and/or music….however these are not new videos which can be altered. They were originally produced over 2 years ago, thus the sound at the time was chosen. I’m just commenting as an observer and daily watcher of the same videos. Above, there are headings and one is entitled “The Project” which gives an insight on each daily video from a collection of thousands.

  • Judith Isaacson 1 year ago

    Thank you for this daily reminder from Nature – so much to appreciate!

  • kay smith 1 year ago

    I’d rather hear the sounds of nature, crickets, birds, and all than the to me overly dramatic music. I do love the daily video.

  • Sonya E Keene 1 year ago

    Such beautiful subjects, and I love the way the scene goes from wide-angle and far away to much closer up.

    I’d like to see the species and place noted on each video. Good to see Pronghorns noted here. But where are they? And for many birds, I wish I knew the species and location.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      They are in South Dakota. In the video you can hear a meadowlark singing.

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