The call of the prairie – Day 187 of 365


Daily Videos, July


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  • This brings back memories of my childhood in Oklahoma. Thanks.

  • Ginger Lang 1 week ago

    Thank you for these precious moments of zen.

  • Fabienne Lbr

    Je vis en France, à Paris et je ne connais pas le chant du meadowlark… Mais je l’imagine grâce à tous les commentaires des internautes amoureux et respectueux de la vie et de la nature et à ce que j’ai lu. Je vous remercie pour ce cadeau Jim Brandenburg. J’ai souvent lu des beaux reportages à votre sujet et j’ai tellement rêvé de marcher sur vos traces.

  • Linda Beal 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. I love these moments in nature. So peaceful.

  • Joe Rowe 2 weeks ago

    No prettier song than a Meadow Lark and No prettier place than the Blue Mounds of Minnesota. Thanks Jim.

  • Jackie Du Charme

    Saw my first one 30 years ago sitting on our arena fence here in Minnesota. Loved the sound of them. I haven’t seen one since.

  • Chris A. Thorson Hovda

    Thank you so much!! I grew up in Luverne also, and I LOVED the beautiful, unmistakable song of the Meadowlark… I miss hearing their happy solos very much… it is one of many precious memories I have of growing up on the farm…❤️

    We live in Wisconsin now and I don’t think they live in this area…

    I was actually humming their song to myself the other day…

  • Donna Dacy 2 weeks ago

    I love to hear the meadow larks in the field near me. It is so clear and such a beautiful little tune. Thanks for sharing the little rabbit as well. Love to see nature at it’s best.

  • Anne Windom

    Lovely blend of birdsongs and bunnyhops…❤️

  • Mary Luke

    My late husband introduced me to thes birds.

  • Kathy 2 weeks ago

    Such a sweet time with the meadow lark. It’s a great closeup of this amazing singer. I love the views of the prairie and the glimpses of those who inhabit it. Thank for for a great start to my day!

  • Judith Isaacson 2 weeks ago

    I need these marvelous videos that focus on the wonders of Nature for me to start a healthy day!

  • JoAnn Abbott

    I LOVE meadow larks!

  • Lovely

  • Bonnie Asher

    Watched and listened twice, so cool, ty

  • beautiful, thank you

  • Deb Iverson

    My favorite birdsong. I used to listen to them as I walked to the field with lunch for my grandpa. Thanks for sharing Jim!

  • Cathy Cleland

    Is that Blue Mound State Park! Love the sound of birds singing!

  • Noelle Reiter

    One of my favorite songs, a Meadowlark. Reminds me of watching the crane migration in Nebraska.

  • Gordon Bute

    Thanks, Jim Having groen up in Western Kansas, I heard that beautiful lilt almost daily, It has been many years since I last heard it.

  • Keven Jansen

    I really like that scene of the park.

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