Fluidity – Day 90 of 365

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  • 7 months ago

    magnifique ……tres beau

  • Virgil Madison 7 months ago

    Thanks Jim, that’s nature at it’s best! It’s so much fun to watch otters.

  • Marby Rufsvold

    My first Spirit Animal!…long before I understood what it meant to have one! I was 8 or 9 when I read «An Otter’s Story» by Emil E. Liers, and I knew I must be of the Otter Clan! This was the first book that had a profound effect on me…planting a seed of love of the natural world that has informed—and even saved—my life…all my life. Tonight, decades later, in looking this book up to see if it’s still in print, I learn that Liers was a Minnesota naturalist!!!…and my heart is welling up! I became a Minnesotan almost forty years ago…and have most enjoyed my intimate encounters with Otter whilst camping UpNorth! Suddenly there is a new Old Connection with my first Spirit Animal! Was it Otter Clan that called me North!?

    With deepest gratitude for my parents and first grade teacher who taught me to read; my Great Aunt and my Dad who taught me to love it; for Emil E. Liers and the Otters that told him their story; and for Jim Brandenberg who, every day, rekindles my sense of Oneness with the beauty I have seen, and the beauty he has shown me.

    This is my third Season following Nature365, and I’m astounded how many of these daily communions with nature come round to me now each day like an Old Friend. First thing in the morning is like a swift kiss at the door…and then, come evening, I can sit in the quite of the moment and be more deeply embraced.

    Thank you, Jim.

    • Jim Brandenburg

      Thank you Marby, what kind words you shared about what the otter means to you. I often don’t see comments and rarely respond because I don’t do a lot of FB interaction but yours was pointed out to me. In an interview by Audubon magazine I was once asked if I could be an animal which would it be? Most people would think it would be the wolf, but I chose the otter for many reasons. Of all the animals I’ve observed they appear to exist and flow in their environment with such a naturalness and ease that they seem to enjoy life and play more than other animals. Animal behaviorists say the most intelligent animals need more play. I made this short movie sequence of the otter next to my home by the BWCAW on Uncle Judds Creek. It didn’t know I was there as they are quite shy and difficult to film because they are unfortunately trapped in this area. I also read a book about otters many years ago called “Ring of Bright Water.” It also had a big effect on me. A movie was also made of the true story that was set on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Maybe you know of this story. I hope you have a wonderful and nature filled Spring! Jim

  • Kristina Vaughan

    Thanks for making me smile everyday!

  • Sharon Mick McAuley 7 months ago

    The fluid movement of otters is amazing to watch, and the sounds of the water are like nothing else I know–so rhythmic and melodic.

  • Lory Dayhuff

    Great shot! I love otters! Thanks for sharing!

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