Vermillion Falls – Day 122 of 366

Images and sounds: Jim Brandenburg (Minnesota, USA)
Editing: Laurent Joffrion

Please note that this video has not been published yet. It is part of a new collection we are creating for next year, together with Jim Brandenburg and other filmmakers worldwide. So, keep watching Nature 365!

A bientôt !

Laurent Joffrion
Producer – Director


Daily Videos, May


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  • Wendy 7 months ago

    Absolutely loving it! Water falls and dragon flies.

  • Christy BAILLY 7 months ago

    That’s so wonderful. Thank you.

  • Gail Rudberg

    thank you for a breath of peace and beauty

  • Cheryl 7 months ago

    Love it. Thank you. Stay healthy all. God Bless

  • I love how crisp, sharp, and immediate this feels. I love the new work!

  • gary kettelle 7 months ago

    I have been following this site for awhile and often wondered where we were i love the wildlife Thank you mr.Jim Brandenburg !!

  • Sue Makela

    Breathtakingly amazing…..

  • These are such a gift, and I have not offered you my deep gratitude before. They start my day…

  • Glad to see you’re providing the location in the new series, something many viewers have been requesting since the beginning. Thank you.

  • Angie Arden

    Each and every genius frame of Nature TV never ceases to dazzle our senses and settle the soul on a daily basis. Thank you, Jim Brandenberg!

  • Kay Snowfleet 7 months ago

    Beautiful video, beautiful sounds of nature. Thank you,

  • Merlin 7 months ago

    The wild majesty of a waterfall, the wonderful engineering in a dragonfly…thank you.

  • Leah Simpson

    One of my favorite sounds! I don’t know what it is about the ‘white noise’ of a waterfall that gives me peace. Maybe it’s the fact that Nature is carrying on with it’s Life & stillness while the waterfall continues it’s chaotic natural ability. The balance. A lot like Life, it never ceases to amaze me.❤️

  • Barb carlson 7 months ago

    Wonderful sound and photography. Thankful to be receiving this gift of nature.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    OH, that dragonfly!

  • Paula Bjoralt 7 months ago

    So fresh, with nice contrasts from dark to bright. Thank you for your inspirational work.

  • Greta 7 months ago

    So soothing, I love the sound of the waterfall. Thank you.

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