Cowbirds – Day 134 of 365


Daily Videos, May



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  • Suzanne 6 months ago

    What a sweet song they sing. And how cute to see them riding the Bison.

  • lael Bradshaw 6 months ago

    such beautiful animals, Thank you

  • Carol 6 months ago

    Great video as always, but lose the deep breathing. it just doesn’t belong. How many times do we have to complain about it?

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Agree, but I think most if not all of these videos are just repeats from prior years so I wouldn’t expect the soundtrack/audio to change. The series is still superb in spite of the occasionally annoying (and unnatural) sound effects.

  • Donna Dacy 6 months ago

    Great video. Love looking at the massive head of the bison and also the landscape. I was thinking about how years ago, there were thousands of these big creatures grazing in this area. Thank you for sharing with us. Loved all the song birds singing too.

  • Linda 6 months ago

    Every day I think–this is the most wonderful series ever. And every day, I’m right! What a joy.

  • Carol Deese

    It’s so good to see the poor things with something to eat, at last. Admirable restraint on the sound track too, right up until the last few seconds and the huffy puffy noises.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    No wonder that cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, for the surrogate to incubate and raise their chicks! Who wouldn’t want to travel along with this big, beautiful beast!

  • Jenny Minton

    This was so soothing to watch.

  • Cathy Cleland

    I guess if you can hitch a ride on the back of a bison, why fly?

  • Anne Windom

    So happy to give rides to cheerful little companions…

  • Pat Webster

    Excellant! Beautiful.

  • Leah Simpson

    Did I already mention I was a sucker for open fields? ☺️ Do pretty and peaceful. Love to watch how the two animals live together like that. So darling.Thank you, Jim!

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