Playful skirmish – Day 124 of 365


Daily Videos, May


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  • Mamavalveeta03 7 months ago

    That is an amazing capture! I’ve never seen anything like that – a crow atop another crow – well, I mean….;-)

  • Suzanne 7 months ago

    Black shiny commotion!

  • Shelley Southcott

    Lol big bully! I love their voices!!

  • James Moody

    Wow! I’ve never seen that.

    William Blake — ‘The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow’

  • Jackie M. 1 year ago

    It looks more like dominance than playful; a reminder of the “pecking order” with no real aggression.

  • Shelley Southcott

    That’s hilarious!

  • I have been studying crows for the last decade religiously…and have many stories with accompanying photos showcasing these super smart birds. They are my friends…just to say that I have also witnessed the pinning down of each others wings…when this happens they shriek like crazy..and then more of relatives swoosh into the action of the rink side drama…the noise level is fascinating…my work on crows is extensive,

  • Donna Dacy 2 years ago

    Leader of the flock…..noisy little devils they are.

  • Love to listen to the ravens, they always make me laugh. Please, no extra soundtrack, just nature.

  • I’m in charge here!

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