Autumn breeze – Day 305 of 365


Daily Videos, November

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  • Alice 1 week ago

    Thank you for these moments. If I am unable to be in Nature, these allow me to see and hear inspiring my imagination to let me be there. These are a great gift and so beautiful. You show what I would like to see and hear if I were there.

  • Wendy Farden 1 week ago

    I love the sound of the leaves. Thank you.

  • Barb carlson 2 weeks ago

    Appreciate the change of seasons. Thank you. Today is another gift.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Each leaf dances to “ its” own music.

  • Linda A Mallery

    Thanks for the sounds of nature

  • Becky 1 year ago

    “Jack Frost” is just around the corner…..

  • Merlin 1 year ago

    Love the four seasons of the midwest and sometimes I feel like the leaf in the last five seconds. As usual, thank you for being such a rich part of my morning prayer.

  • Shelley Southcott

    Pretty but it makes me a little sad.

  • irene rhein 2 years ago

    so the videos stopped coming into my inbox again…hmmmmmmmmm

  • Kay Snowfleet 2 years ago

    Beautiful scene with beautiful natural sounds — fall is the best season.

  • Kathy 2 years ago

    Autumn is such an invigorating time with the breezes blowing through the colorful trees and releasing the leaves to float away on the water or to cling to the forest floor. This clip shows another change of season and you’ve depicted it so well.

  • Donna Dacy 2 years ago

    Love this video. The sounds of the rustling leaves, the colors of fall and the little leaf boats floating on the water. The carpet of leaves that clings to the forest floor no matter how strong the breeze would make a walk here delightful. Wonderful visuals.

  • Jackie M. 2 years ago

    The Voice of the Forest; leaves blown by a breeze.

  • What a beautiful collection of scenes of Autumn’s many colors. Works of art! One can almost feel the cool fresh breezes and smell the woodsy scented air.

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