Lone stones – Day 321 of 365


Daily Videos, November

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  • Barb Moore 3 weeks ago


  • John Sorensen 3 weeks ago

    re Erratics: Got text?

  • Thank you

  • Elena Kotova

    I wonder what kind of stones? The first looks like a frozen lava and similar to the sweetness of the halva :) . Others look different… There are experts? To share the knowledge. Thanks for the shot Jim.

  • Donna Dacy 3 weeks ago

    Wonderful video. Simple but so lovely seeing them all alone with only the grass and the wind for company.

  • Jackie Docauer

    On my bucket list Touch the Sky Prairie.

  • Suzanne 3 weeks ago

    The Lakota name is INYAN.

  • Arvida J 3 weeks ago

    Lots of questions occur about these stones. Were they dropped by the melting ice sheet, maybe 10,000 years ago? They are both sharp edged in some places and smoothed out in others. I think maybe, if I remember correctly from last year, tomorrow’s video will show bison scratching themselves against them. Which raises the further question: how many, many times does it take bison rubbing to smooth those sharp edges? I’m so grateful for starting my day with this video. Thanks once again.

  • Suzanne 3 weeks ago

    Stone beings – powerful and strong, anchoring the land..

  • Lois Horne

    I keep forgetting these…..I follow for a while, then they drift away. Glad I have some friends that bring them back into my view

  • Cathy Cleland

    I agree with Cathleen on the stories they could tell! Wondering Jim if that is Pipestone Quartz?

  • Jackie M. 3 weeks ago

    I’m fascinated by stones. As a child, if I saw a particular interesting piece of quartz I would bring it home. The video of those lone big stones on the prairie brings up questions. Were they pushed up from underneath by the heaving of the earth thousands and thousands of years ago? Or are they a part of a comet which tore itself away from it’s mother to land on earth millions of years ago.

  • Bennett Spelce

    Often the stones do tell some of their stories in sweat lodge — (inipi)

  • Cathleen Griffin

    My thought exactly. Oh, the stories they could tell.

  • Wendy Buchholz 3 weeks ago

    love, love, love those beautiful stones and the peace of the prairie!

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