The toll – Day 329 of 365


Daily Videos, November



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  • Trudi Porter

    Ravens are mystical. Windsor Castle in London has had ravens on their grounds for centuries. They are very superstitious about having them. They even employ a Raven Keeper. They are the “guardians” of the castle :)

  • Gina Thurston

    Tail and ears down, mean “don’t even try it birdie”

  • Mamavalveeta03 1 year ago

    Hmmm…”Game of Thrones” comes to mind.

  • Shelley Southcott

    The pecking order indeed. : )

  • Scott Sebastian 1 year ago

    Excellent video with the wolf and ravens sharing a meal. If you don’t like the sounds turn it off .It’s the artist choice to add whatever sounds he wants. H e could easily stop playing the videos from people complaining what sounds he adds to his videos. I for one likes whatever he does.

  • Georganne Marie Krause

    Friends in the forrest, sharing their feast.

  • James Moody

    … no words. I’m thankful for the Wolf, the Raven and the snow.

  • Stephen Albers

    If I were young, i would study those ravens…they are the storytellers of the No. woods….thank you again and again for sharing life with us!

    • carol 1 year ago

      You might enjoy Bernd Heinrich’s work: “Mind of the Raven” (Harper Collins Publisher) and “Ravens in Winter” (Vintage Books, Random House)

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Nature is nature. I appreciate the artistry of every video and the interpretation.

  • besty175 1 year ago

    that easy gait in the snow, eons

  • Ellen 2 years ago

    Wonderful to listen to the wind in the trees & the noisy ravens. But what’s with the creepy heavy breathing?

    • Kay Snowfleet 2 years ago

      Ditto my thoughts — I hate to have to watch with the sound off, but from now on, I guess that is the only way I can enjoy the video. Take a poll — who wants only nature sounds?

  • Thank you

  • Donna Dacy 2 years ago

    The snow on the trees is so beautiful and the snowflakes falling..some very big. Thank you for sharing this video. Nature is astounding.

  • The snow looks so beautiful when you are bundled up for the cold or looking out a window from a warm room. Thank you again for sharing a moment of nature. It really starts my day off in the proper mind set.

  • Beautiful and thought provoking. Thank you for blessing us every day with these amazing looks at life in the wild. I look forward to the daily dose of James Brandenburg medicine for the soul.

  • Jackie M. 2 years ago

    The cycle of life. The Balance of Nature.

  • Love the audio too

  • I hope the little wolf got a bite to eat.

  • Pecking rider if survival! Great shot!

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