Beaver hunter – Day 299 of 366


Daily Videos, October

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  • Sue McCormick Kearns

    Can’t help but cheer for the beaver….

  • Sue McCormick Kearns

    Can’t help but cheer for the beaver….

  • Claudette Gravelle 1 month ago

    That wolf is gorgeous! The beaver reminds me of when I was young. While living at our cottage near a mountain lake in the province of Quebec, we would hear beavers slap their tail on the water and dive into the deeps. The resonance of that slap sounded like a gunshot going off.

  • Pamela Traxler

    The beavers are very destructive on our property. I do not like them at all.

  • Elisabeth 1 month ago

    Starting the day with total awareness – keep your eyes open!

  • Barb Carlson 1 month ago

    Busy Beaver. Same old complaints instead of a thank you. Jim. we appreciated you.

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      It seems we have yet another “overstimulated” malcontent who knows better than the artist what his purpose is. Nice to meet you , Bill.

      • Anonymous 1 month ago

        Dear Anonymous,
        I am not overstimulated- you missed my point. The video is unnecessarily overstimulated. Mr. Brandenburg’s videography and the editor’s composition works so beautifully by itself. It’s one person’s interpretation of the added sounds that simply does not fit in. Maybe some of this footage is without sound? Okay, in that case, I can see sound editing. But if I’m standing by seeing any of these scenes with gentle natural sounds, the last thing I want to hear is someone standing next to me making sound interpretations. In any case, nice to meet you too and a beautiful fall season to you. Bill

  • Norman Criswick

    Watching you, watching me, as the song goes.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Not getting my daily email for about a week now. Anyone else having that problem?

  • Kathryn 2 years ago

    Tough call, I love wolves and beaver!

  • Gorgeous wolf Busy beaver

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • I have taken great pics of Beaver in a pond by Bear Island Lake and would love to share them with you. Don’t know how to send them to you! Any advise, the pics are spectacular and I believe you would enjoy.

  • Becky 2 years ago

    Da dum…..da dum….

  • The wolf blends in so beautifully with the background while the beaver is so busy. Thanks for the clip.

  • Two of my favorite critters!

  • Kathy 3 years ago

    A beautiful stream meanders through the meadow, while a wolf saunters by its banks. He seems to glimpse the otter or beaver swimming in graceful movements through the waters. It’s an unforgettable scene of peace and beauty.

  • dagmar romano 3 years ago

    Please omit the man made sounds!!!!!

    • Bill Brooks 1 month ago

      Such beautiful footage, beautifully edited. Such a mistake to add man-made sounds, music etc. Completely distracts from the purpose of these daily escapes from anything man-made. People do not need to overstimulated… they’re looking for a beautiful moment away from that.

  • Ellen 3 years ago

    Wonderful video, nature sounds don’t need anything added.

  • I cannot open this the last two days!

  • The best way to start the day is watching Jim Brandenburg’s nature videos! Thank you!

  • These films are good for the spirit. Thank you yet again for taking me back to the BWCAW.

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