Autumn road – Day 276 of 365


Daily Videos, October

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  • Becky 2 months ago

    Autumn leaves, blue sky and fluffy white clouds……oh, yeah, that’s heaven!

  • I can’t wait to be back in the land of changing colors! 2 more weeks! Thanks for sharing the beauty. And I LOVED the music!

  • Phyllis McCoy

    Ahhhh, and thank you, Jim

  • Barb Mager 2 months ago

    One of my quality of life barometers: Looking up at a blue fall sky through the brilliantly colored changing leaves. I realized while watching this clip that it works best when I can also feel the crisp air on my skin, hear the quiet crunch, shuffle of leaves underfoot and smell the sweet earth digesting its rich inheritance.

  • Greta 2 months ago

    I love autumn, this is so like my home in Quebec, Canada. Beautiful trees, leaves falling, the smell of autumn in the air. Lovely video.

  • reminds me of every road in Northern Minnesota…. thank you

  • Lory Dayhuff

    Thank you for the drive down a beautiful fall rode. Enjoyed this video very much!

  • Linda 2 months ago

    Such beauty!
    Thank you very much for this and all of the wonderful videos. My daily treat :-)

  • Susan Colliton

    I love the video but not the loud sound used. Soft, natural sounds (leaves rustling, birdsong) would make this so much more enjoyable.

    • Not your video. Stop the criticizing.

      • Jim knows we love his work. Pretty sure he can handle a little critiquing, else he wouldn’t invite it with a viewer comment board. Nothing wrong with offering an opinion on the music, as MANY others have done over the years. I have not read any that were not respectful. For the record, I agree the music in this one was unsettling; would have preferred natural sounds.

  • Barbara Murray

    Truly, a visual feast

  • JP a 48A ce 3/10 début de l’automne ?ce qui ne me rajeuni pas sic

  • Beautiful location – thanks for sharing fall foliage with us.

  • Jim Berg – I would imagine if they retrofitted your van @ FedEx with a sunroof – you would see this sorta scenery on a daily basis while in many of the locations you travel in out there in the boonies !!

  • Donna Dacy 1 year ago

    A beautiful video showcasing the gorgeous colors of fall. So uplifting. The music was so sad that it made me sad. Sorry.

  • The beauty of northern Minnesota! Thank you for sharing a peaceful journey for the soul.

  • Thank you, Jim !

  • Kathy 1 year ago

    I love the colors of these magnificent trees and the views of others that are complimentary in their various hues. Fall is my favorite season and the trees with the brilliant colors lend such a glow to any scene! Thanks for this viewing.

  • Normally I don’t mind the added sound track, but this sounded like an annoying drone that frequently disturb some of Nature,s beautiful and serene sights.

  • Suzanne 1 year ago

    Trees don’t ask what we think of them, they just do what they do. Another circle coming around.

  • Gtetchen 1 year ago

    Beautiful trees, but annoying sound.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful videos. We are all blessed that you are willing to share such lovely gifts of nature. Thank you and thank you again.

  • thanks for the ride

  • Lael 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • Janet 1 year ago

    Beautiful, mesmerizing. Thank you!

  • What a great ride through the colorful trees! Felt like I was up north again! Thank you Jim!

  • Love it!!! I didn’t want it to stop : )

  • Love to see the colorful leaves. Our trees in central Mn. are slow to turn this year!

  • Autumns here…with golden leaves!

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