Churning stream – Day 282 of 365


Daily Videos, October

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  • Donna Dacy 5 days ago

    So relaxing. Love how the tannin in the leaves turns the water brown. Great video. And I can see that wolf in the rock at 1:06.

  • Megakugel 6 days ago

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  • Linda 1 week ago

    It’s as if the water is hurrying to leave before winter and the freeze arrive.

  • Lael 1 week ago

    Thank you

  • KATHY MCKNIGHT 1 week ago

    Wolf in the rock at 1.06!

  • Lory Dayhuff

    Beautiful capture! The sights and sounds were amazing! Thanks for sharing! Great morning share!

  • Vicki Ellman

    Wish we were there

  • KC Harty 1 week ago

    Autumn on the North Shore. What could be better!

  • Barb Moore 1 week ago

    Looks like Judd Creek rolling along.

  • Arvida J 1 week ago

    Glorious. Do I remember correctly from an explanation last year that the brown water and suds are not due to pollution? Rather they are the natural result of an earlier unusually large runoff from heavy rain somewhere farther upstream. Wonderful shots of autumn foliage as well as the excitement of this wild stream. Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. This is a superb reminder that there is much to be thankful for.

    • Merlin 1 week ago

      I think someone explained the brown coloring in the water comes from tannic acid which leaches into the water from certain trees and plants.

  • BRENDA S VALLE 1 week ago

    So powerful..

  • Susan Colliton

    Are the foam and bubbles the result of pollution/runoff?

  • Jackie M. 1 week ago

    Wow! If it wasn’t for seeing some of the trees turning their leaves for autumn, I would say this swollen river looks like snow melt from the mountains.

  • Barbara Murray

    Just when I think your videos cannot get any more exquisite- they do. Thank you. Folks, subscribe if you can and support this work, eh?

  • Shelley Ann

    Great way to begin the day!

  • Wendy Zeuli

    Jim – where was this at? Looks like northern MN?

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