Prairie stop – Day 86 of 366

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  • Alights the nervous system from head to toe.

  • Wendy 3 months ago

    Beautifully graceful and noisy. Love it.

  • Mary Horejsh

    Their call is interesting. We have 3 that follow us in the park!

  • Rodney Krotzer

    Trip to Luverne MN currently scheduled May 6th. Not looking good at this point

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Remembering my trip to Nebraska to years ago in the Spring with my husband. Such a joyful, peaceful, amazing time. It gives me joy to think of them there again in this month just past. Wishing the cranes another successful breeding year.

  • Jean Lavelle

    Missing our road trip Minnesota to Colorado to visit Annie Lavelle. One of the highlights is watching the thousands upon thousands of cranes, feeding, dancing and calling from Nebraska pot holes on their migration – Spring – North, Fall – South. Nature is a wonderful thing. If they can survive, we will find a way too! Thanks, Jim Brandenburg.

    • irene rhein 3 months ago

      Like seeing videos from this area…wishing you could film other spots also…perhaps in the U.S….like Arizona or upstate N.Y….but i guess you stay in your neck of the woods……….thanks for the great videos…

  • Merlin 3 months ago

    They are back here on our pond in Wisconsin now. They are such a blessing to see when they arrive. Every time I look at them though, I realize how terribly vulnerable they are to just about everything.

  • Barb carlson 3 months ago

    Wonderful sounds and graceful birds. We should be thankful for these wonderful videos. I can’t believe people complain in these uncertain times. Please make positive comments, it would make us all feel better. Peace.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Air ballet

  • Norman Criswick

    Watch your step, I have dropped my contact lens.

  • Pico 1 year ago

    Did you know that Arizona has a sandhill crane hunting season?

  • First time I seen one was yesterday just outside of Spicer, MN. There was a pair feeding in corn stocks.

  • Mamavalveeta03 1 year ago

    Awe-inspiring! Ain’t nature grand?

  • Love watching the ailerons, flaps locked in place and landing gear down in place for a gentle landing….just beautiful..thanks Jim for sharing

  • We went to see the cranes this year. It was marvelous in spite of historic flooding.

  • Rick 1 year ago

    One of the oldest living bird species (at least 2 1/2 million years residing in North America), once again renewing its contract with spring, and in such a breathtaking way. I’m so appreciative of being able to enjoy it in these wonderful video snippets.

  • Watching turkeys nest in South Carolina. You are my link to home. A treasure!

  • I think you’re in my neighborhood.

  • I missed these the week I was away. Love the landing gear on these guys!

  • Saw some in western wi this past weekend. Great photo!

  • kerry kubota 2 years ago

    Michael D Pruden….. please be quiet ! Your criticism is not friendly. It is annoying .
    I love the videos.

  • Visually you are the best. I cannot understand why you would obfuscate the beautiful noise of the cranes with the bell tones, however. It doesn’t add anything except extraneous man-made sounds that don’t belong. I do thank you for the visuals, the stunning images your eye and camera bring us every day. But please don’t blot out the sounds of nature with some misguided attempt at “arty” musical tones. Nature IS your art. It is your image, your message to send, so . . . Please accept some friendly criticism, and I will try not to bring it up again..

  • Kathy 2 years ago

    I love to watch these cranes fly with such ease and grace. Landing in the prairie and grazing together, they make a delightful scene. Thanks for giving me a view of such a flight!

  • Ellen 2 years ago

    Why spoil the enchanting sounds of the cranes with unneeded music?

  • beautiful

  • thank you

  • Visit Rowe Sanctuary in Nebr. to view the migration of thousands of sandhill cranes. An amazing sight.

  • Lovely shots of the cranes in flight!

  • Thank you for the beautiful waking picture

  • Can’t wait to see the pair that stops by the Ely Airport each year! Very cool, thanks for sharing

  • Nancy 2 years ago

    Love this.Would you give the location, please?

  • Becky 2 years ago

    In flight = Crane ballet …. lovely!

  • Heard some fly over this morning!

  • Lovely clip – I’ve never seen them in the air – they’re so large!

  • beautiful birds, prairie, framing . . . wow !

  • “The Sneetches”. That’s what Dr Suess wrote after he saw the cranes in MN. :)

  • I was in Grand Island and Kearney Tuesday through Saturday. Amazing crane viewing. Saw a whooping crane!

  • Donna Dacy 3 years ago

    Aren’t they wonderful to watch. They move so effortlessly in the air. I love to watch the “dance” they do I guess it is when it’s mating season.

  • Marcia 3 years ago

    What a beautiful video and the coming of spring weather.

  • On on April 10th Wisconsin residents will vote to see if they should be hunted. Atomic no for me. Crazy thought

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      Horrible if that vote passes! Why do humans think that all other creatures who share this earth, were put here for them to be slaughtered?!?

      • Merlin 2 years ago

        Farmers are complaining they eat their seeds. Can’t we adjust to sharing this declining earth with each other? Bless all creatures…

  • Love it, signs and lovely sounds of Spring

  • Suzanne 3 years ago

    I’m happy to see them. They sound like they are happy to see each other.

  • Barb Moore 3 years ago

    Elegance in the air.

  • Barb Moore 3 years ago

    Elegance in air.

  • Beautiful. I prefer just the sounds of nature, or silence. Please leave out the added music.

  • You brighten my each morning with your beautiful video, after not sleeping thinking about those horrid helicopters in Alaska killing wolves….thank you for your reaffirmation of life!

  • Merlin 3 years ago

    Red skull caps…very fashionable.

  • What a miracle! Thank you

  • 3 years ago

    tout simplement superbe……merci……

  • Sharon Mick McAuley 3 years ago

    There they are simply floating in and landing so easily

  • Like the sand hill cranes I love the prairie, a wide open expanse where you get the feeling of open land never-ending and feeling free!

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