Regeneration – Day 143 of 366


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  • Dick Connell

    Way back when we used to put those fires out with a gunny sack, shovel and no face mask. It’s work

  • Barb carlson 1 month ago

    I do believe it is necessary. Amazing what comes back after these fires. Also less fire danger later. Thank you.

  • Merlin 1 month ago

    I wonder about the field mice and chipmunks, ground roosting birds, all the insect life…

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Loved the scene with the sun & smoke….

  • In NM we say controlled burn is an oxymoron. Huge, out of control fires here are usually caused by some idiotic controlled burn. Minnesotan living in the desert SW.

  • Christy BAILLY 1 year ago

    Is beautiful and scary. I felt I smelled smoke

  • Becky Racaniello 1 year ago

    New concept to me! all I saw was “destruction”, but appreciate the comments I read that explained it.

  • KathyO 1 year ago

    Some of the prairies were burnt in March around here in IL. They are teeming with life and soo green now.

  • I remember my dad doing this early in the spring in our 3 fields.

  • Reminds me of my dad when he would burn in the spring.

  • Mary Beth Pottratz 3 years ago

    The scent of burning grasses and forbs is amazing. Invasive and non-native plants burn away, and native beauties return to their niches.

  • Donna Dacy 3 years ago

    Necessary I guess. Awesome for sure. TFS

  • Former Kansan 3 years ago

    Yes the prairie fires are beautiful. But when the ranchers burn the Flint Hills in KS, it produces air quality problems for the cities east of there. It used to be burned every couple years for regeneration. Now the ranchers have new grasses & want to burn every year.

  • Ah you must be in Mn – ignore my email. Beautiful video!

  • I live in SoCal. We cringe when we see fire

  • You can almost smell it.

  • Jim, you make even fire beautiful- thank you.

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